Accelerate SQL database queries by 60 times on average and more for BI applications, internet portals and software industry with our patented easy-to-install standalone software. What could take hours now take seconds!

Speed-up Data Access with the World’s Fastest SQL Database Accelerator (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server…) based on Radix Trees Data Indexing Technology

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Accelerate Tableau Software queries and improve the response time of your Data Visualization and Analytics! No technical skills needed! Easy one step install software standalone. Remain focused on your insight, not the wait!

Fastest Database Ever

Fastest Database Ever

60 times faster (TCP-DS Benchmark) and beyond your imagination on Cross Join complex queries (x4000).  Benchmark here.

Easy to Install / Uninstall

Easy to Install / Uninstall

KoDe can be installed into your existing infrastructure or your personnal computer. just a few clicks and your are set to go!

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

You can use your usual SQL dialect (Oracle, DB2, MySQL, IQ …) with no configuration or tuning! ODBC and JDBC.

Easy / Zero Maintenance

Easy / Zero Maintenance

There is no need for periodic re-indexing to maintain performance and KoDe goes faster as queries become more complex.

Disruptive Technology

Disruptive Technology

Patented Radix Trees, Queries Simplifier and Data Lift technologies in order to accelerate data access beyond your imagination.

Great and Fast ROI

Great and Fast ROI

Because KoDe is a software-only solution, easy to install, use and maintain, operating costs are very low.

KoDe Server™ is the World’s Fastest Database Accelerator for Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server…)



KoDe Server (version name Vivamens for Sharp Spirit) is more than 4000 times faster on complex proba queries and large volume of data than Vertica Analytic Database! Actually, the more complex the queries and the larger the volume of data, the faster Kode Server goes!

  • fastest database benchmark accelerator
  • fastest analytics database accelerator

Patended Disruptive Technologies

Our patented Disruptive technologies (Radix Tree Indexing, Queries Simplifier and Data Lift) revolutionize how data can be treated in no time. From BI or Predictive Analysis software to international ecommerce site or portals, response time can be dramatically reduced for a greater user experience or better conversion rate. KoDe Server is the fastest analytic database accelerator for your BI or predictive software!

Fastest analytic database thanks to Radix Trees

Discover Phd, Michel Koskas’ Research on Radix Trees, Algorithms and Critical Path…

Michel Koskas is known as a world specialist in embedded algorithm and Radix trees data indexing. If you are curious about how mathematics can accelerate queries more than 60 times faster than the fastest analytic database accelerator on the market, visit his blog!


Winner of the 2014 ISC Disruptive Technology Award

ICS-logo-awards winner

KoDe won the 2014 Disruptive Techonology Award in Washington DC for its R&D on Database Acceleration.

KoDe Software is the publisher of KoDe Server, the world’s fastest analytic database and KoDe Desktop, a Windows database Accelerator that connects to your favorite BI software such as Tableau or Clikview). KoDe’s patented technologies (Radix Trees Data Indexing, Queries Simplifier and Data Lift) allow a whole new approach in queries’ treatment. Hours become seconds on complex cross join subqueries.  At KoDe, We Crush Response Time to Accelerate Data Access!

KoDe’s News

KoDe software – Publisher of the fastest database accelerator ever

KoDe™ is the result of several years of research in discrete mathematics applied to computer programming. At first, it was developed by Michel Koskas to provide super computers and searchers a way to accelerate studies on human genomes and DNA.

Today KoDe is being seen as a revolution by the software industry which is finally able to provide faster answers whereas volume of data increases. A paradox only made possible by our patented technology.

According to all Database Benchmark Protocols (TPC, KXEN), Kode Software provides the world’s fastest database accelerator solution for the, BI, Predictive Analysis, Big Data and Internet industry.

KoDe Server, the fastest database accelerator in the industry, self-instals on your enterprise or cloud linux server with SQL dialects for super fast queries while KoDe Desktop uses the same technologies as KoDe Server but self-installs on a Windows PC environment.